Our translators are professionals with long-time experience. Your translated text will be of high quality, delivered fast and for a reasonable price. Apart from regular translations, we offer:

Certified translations:

In such a case, translation will be provided and certified by a registered interpreter - translator.

We strongly recommend that you present us with a certified copy of your document, only this will allow you to keep the original even after translation as the provided document will become a part of the sealed folder of the certified translation and cannot be taken out without devaluing it.

Proofreading by native speakers:

If you order this service, a native speaker will check your finished translation from grammatical and stylistic point of view.

We recommend proofreading mainly of marketing materials, offers, and presentations.

Translated languages:

English, Bulgarian, Czech Danish, Finnish, French, Croatian, Italian, Latin, Latvian, Lithuanian, Hungarian, German, Norwegian, Polish, PortugueseRomanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian

Most translated texts:

  • certificates of incorporation
  • birth certificates
  • certificates of education
  • medical reports
  • technical manuals
  • customs declarations
  • localizing (translating) web presentations and software
  • business and private letters
  • legal texts
  • court decisions
  • and more

Price list of translations

Below mentioned price list is only indicative. The price of translation is influenced by multiple factors (difficulty and specialization of the text, time of delivery...). Fill in our form below to inquire about translation and we will immediately determine the price for free.

Regular translations 

Price of a regular translation of one standard page (1800 character including space characters) starts at 300 CZK (Czech and the main European languages) - it depends on the specific language combination, direction of translation, specialization, and time of delivery.

starting at 300 Kč


Prices of proofreading are usually a half of the price of regular translation.

starting at 150 Kč

Certified translations

The price of certified translation depends on the number of pages - the more pages, the larger discount.

1 - 2 standard pages - 480 CZK / standard page

3 - 9 standard pages - 450 CZK / standard page

10 and more standard pages - price negotiable

Discounts are provided on a one-time basis for larger orders, and also to our regular clients on their smaller orders.

Express charges

We can deliver your document within 24 hours since receiving your order.

Express charges are within 20-50 % depending on many criteria with time requirements having the most importance.

Are you considering our translation services?