Czech for Foreigners

We will teach you Czech for everyday use. All what you learn at the lesson you will practice with your teacher in real live - language immersion.

We offer all language levels from beginners to advanced.

We can also prepare you for the examination in the Czech language for the permanent residence of aliens in the Czech Republic.

We always have a suitable course for you at a reasonable price.

Our Method of teaching - we successfully apply communicative or direct method. We use our own teaching materials as well as modern textbooks on the base of English, Russian, German, French or Italian.

From our textbooks we would like to recommend the books:"Czech step by step", "Communicative Czech", "Wollen Sie tschechisch sprechen?", "Chcete mluvit cesky" Pour les francophones "Qui veulent parler Tchéque" etc.

One-to-One lessons

In our individual courses Czech for Foreigners we teach on base of English, French, German, Italian, Russian or direct method.

One-to-One tuition is the ultimate course for making maximum progress during a short period of time.

This is an intensive course which is 100% focused on your foreign language needs and designed by your teachers to meet your requirements.

One-to-One is the most flexible and personal course available.

Semi-individual lessons and mini groups

Another option is a semi-individual course or a mini group. Do you have a friend, colleague, schoolmate whith whom you would like to join a course? We will arrange classes for you and you will share the expences for the tuition fee together. You will get a tailored made course for a reasonable price.

We offer the language courses of English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Czech for foreigners. Not only the courses of adults but also courses for children and seniors are a part of our offer.

You'll get more out of this course if

  • You wish to improve your level significantly in a short time.
  • You want to have targeted learning in areas of weakness or areas where you are lacking confidence.
  • You feel you would benefit from uninterrupted teacher attention.
  • You want to build a one on one relationship with an experienced teacher.


Borja, Adélia, Albert, Nati, Clara, Marta, Karla

Ahoj! Dobrý den!

Thanks to Elena, Peter, we improved our English and thanks to Vanda, we gained elementary communicative skills in Czech language. Thank to all Educo team. Esperamos veros en Barcelona muy pronto!!

Muchas gracias!!

Chloé, China

Educo team provided me a great chance to learn a second foreign language and the communication with the team was always easy and efficient so that my stay there was smooth and sound. They absolutely made my first abroad stay so much enjoyable and unforgettable!

Deborah, France

Very good time at Educo. Great teachers and Praha it´s just awesome city. Hope to come back soon!