Teaching Languages in Kindergarten

We teach English in kindergartens through games, rhymes, and physical activities which supports emotional experience and leads to memorizing the language easily.

What can we offer?

  • Group classes in your kindergarten.
  • Except for English, we can arrange also other language classes. 
  • Courses led by trained teachers with specific skills and methods for teaching children. 
  • Lessons adapted to your needs including the time and intensity of classes.

What does a class in kindergarten look like?

  • Intensity of classes: usually 1-2 times per week, 30min lessons.
  • Classes are varied and entertaining.
  • To ensure interactive lessons, we use tools such as cards with pictures, language games, songs, and rhymes.
  • We motivate children with competitions and include physical activities to keep their attention during the whole lesson. 

You don't have any language classes in your kindergarten?

Recommend us in your kindergarten or contact us for more information.