Individual Classes for Children

Is your child learning a foreign language at school but is still unable to actively use it in everyday situations? We will make them speak.

Reasons to choose a tailor-made course for your child:

Higher effectivity and focus of lessons

We will adjust the lessons to the specific needs of your child.

We mostly teach children who have gaps in the language created in the previous studies at school and it is therefore hard to move further. We will work on filling in these gaps with the help of additional teaching materials or the textbook used in your child´s school lessons.

We also prepare children for entrance exams from a foreign language or to international exams.

Choice of a teacher

You can choose a Czech teacher or a native speaker for your child. Our teachers are specifically trained to work with children and use games and other methods to keep the children interested.

It goes without saying that we prepare materials according to your child´s interests and that we create a friendly atmosphere.

Our patient teachers have great results in teaching dyslectics as well.


We are open to your proposals - classes can take place in your home, or in our language school, both during the school year and during holidays.

Possibility of creating a mini-group for an advantageous price

We can provide classes for your child and their friends.

Are you interested in an individual course for your child?

Fill in our form for a non-binding inquiry and we will reach back to you as soon as possible. 

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