Language Courses for Children

Learning a new language can be fun and motivating. Our method is perfectly adapted for needs and motivations of children. 

 We have different courses depending on the age of children and their language level. You can choose from some of our language courses for children.



  • Our teachers are patient, dynamic, enthusiastic and have a proper training.
  • We can teach through different languages: Russian, German, French, English, and Czech.
  • Our teaching is based on the communicative method.
  • We find out what textbook the kid uses in school and then we go with supplementary and enhancing materials.
  • Classes can run at your home.



Different training type:

  • Group courses with 6 children maximum by group
  • One-to-one lessons it’s an effective way to quickly improve language knowledge
  • Semi-individual group, if you enrol your kid with his/her friend(s). Group is tailored to children’s needs

Should you choose a one-to-one learning or a group course, we always focus on children’s speaking ability, their ability to communicate so that they might lose their diffidence to speak



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